Zoysia Grass Control- Austin, TX

Zoysia grassZoysia grass is a warm season grass that is drought tolerant and thrives in Texas heat. It is green in the spring and summer, but turns brown in the fall and winter. Zoysia grass is a low maintenance grass so it does not need a lot of watering in the summer months to stay green. Zoysia grass is slow growing and thick, which makes it great for heavy traffic.

Zoysia is perennial and it comes back year after year when grown in appropriate climates. It has very thick thatch, and needs to be aerated more than other warm season grasses. It’s well-suited for lawns that are exposed to hot and humid temperatures like Austin, Tx.  Zoysia has a deep root system that allows Zoysia grass to absorb and conserve moisture. Zoysia is drought resistant and when exposed to drought, it may start to turn yellow, but quickly turns green when watered. Zoysia goes dormant in the fall and winter but stays greener longer than any other warm season grass, like Bermuda grass. Zoysia grass prefers direct sunlight, but tolerates light shade. 

Zoysia grass is an invasive species of grass that is known to take over other grasses, if given enough time. It will also crowd out weeds and other newly planted grasses that have not established a root system.  Zoysia is great for high traffic areas like lawns, parks, golf courses and sports fields. 

If you need help maintaining your Zoysia grass on your Austin, Tx property, call the experts at Magic Pest and Lawn.